Tarot Insight from the 7 of February to the 14th of February 2021.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Hermit.
I’m sure that doesn’t come as a surprise, and earthing this card speaks of grounding and connecting in to be clear with how you feel.
It speaks of facing the fears around one or two situations, feeling this is linked to the past.
Looking at past behaviours and past hurts that maybe coming up naturally through this retrograde or it’s a current situation that’s poked at past wounds.
People seem to take when they’re feeling heavy emotion that it’s a negative thing, and it isn’t, it’s life experience moving through encouraging you to grow from it.

The message is asking you to be present and to transform the pain within the hurt. You may find that you’re denying the truth of how you’re really feeling and how much it hurts distracting it with busyness and reasoning to not face what you know you need to.
If you feel there’s a disconnection with how you’re feeling, this card reminds you to connect in and ground what you’re feeling. Be present, otherwise it will build up to some unnecessary fuckery.
Be true and strong with how you feel. Understand what you’re feeling with clarity before you express how you genuinely feel.

The supporting card is the 9 of Cups. Earthing this card tells me this introspective time is necessary, but to also check in within areas of your life you feel you’re not looking after and nourishing your well being. This exploration will also help you realise where you’re leaking energy in areas that you are not being valued, understanding that you’re not valuing yourself. I feel for some of you if this concerns finances, to not put your well being over holding onto material gain or believing you can’t let it go for the many reasons your conditioning speaks of.
This week also speaks of rest and to observe what you’re feeling and why.
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