Tarot Insight from the 7th of March to the 14th of March 2021.

Have to say, we have another no bullshit spread with these two cards together.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Star. And intuitively I feel not to separate the two cards this week as I feel the message has to be told with both cards together.

The Star, as we know, is beautiful usually but these two together speaks of deep emotional and transformational changes.
It’s facing parts of you that you know was there all along and refused to take responsibility for it. In the last three to four weeks you may have been pushed into cycles of deep grief and loss of more than once thing in your life which only points to this deep transformation I’m speaking of, and yes a fuck tonne of grief and what feels like loss or is..actually is this deep transformation. And it’s not one that’s going to be over quickly.

Real transformations are not. They have their own natural process and the more you try to hurry it, the more you’re going to fuck yourself over. You may delay it for a little while but by doing so can and will grow more chaos.
As much as it is frustrating, the frustration comes from trying to work things out in your head. These two cards together speaks of not being in your body, over thinking and over analysing reminding you that this transformation needs to be felt all the way through and constant nature connection is necessary.

We don’t just feel a little and shove our heads back up our arse. We can take breaks knowingly with awareness so we don’t, but understanding we’re taking a break to get back into it once rested.
These two cards are encouraging to rest also, to slow right down, feel your emotions without reacting and see through your own bullshit.

You can feel in your body you’re not being honest about yourself and aspects in your life and/or characteristics that are not your best look, these two cards are saying get ready to be transformed whether you like it or not you have to face your shit.
And it’s fucking good and necessary. You gotta ride that wave no matter how turbulent. This is a time for consistent change and it’s requiring and asking for integrity and respect and if you choose not to live it, prepared to get a kick in the cunt.
Stay grounded and introspect on what you know is asking for your attention.
This energetic weather carries a no fuck around fire. Take responsibility.
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