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Tarot Insight from the 9th of August to the 15th of August 2021.

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The major arcana influence for the week is Destruction- the Tower.

This is a powerful one and no doubt connected to this full moon because all I see is fire at first glance looking at this card. Fire from a distance meaning the power felt from the movement of earth and shift in moon phases isn’t necessarily opening anything up, but more of pushing this power to the surface. The Tower usually speaks of unexpected and forceful changes, but when I earth this card, I don’t necessarily feel the changes to be unexpected as we’ve been moving with the up and down of the transformation on the planet as well with our own.

Even so, there is death that is present in the card that encourages us to be present and grounded and to move with however these endings present themselves.
This reading really shows as one to be present with what you’re feeling and to act on those intuitive feelings but also to be present with the emotional ones, as grief is an opportunity to know and explore further within the dark recesses of the pain felt and the feeling of not knowing within this space. It holds the depth of transmutation and the need for quiet, really pulling us in our caves.

Where there’s death and destruction there’s also the seeds of life. This card reading speaks of spiritual evolution and the necessity to be grounded and no matter how this new life is choosing to unfold, no matter how powerful the change is to keep moving with the natural flow of these changes. This is very much a reading of the movement of these internalised changes.

The supporting card is the Seven of Fire. It speaks of holding your ground but also to not be defensive with the right people that are wanting to support you. So this speaks of pain that may surface and to observe your reactions but very much to pull in and be the hermit. Utilise the energy in the direction you intuitively feel to- to act where needed and to pull in and just be and listen. Change needs silence too. To allow it to do its thing and to make space to rest.
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