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Tarot Insight from the 9th of May to the 16th of May 2021.

The major arcana influence for the week is the Tower. Doesn’t come to any surprise as we ride the Pluto retrograde. I would definitely say expect the unexpected throughout this retrograde.

I firstly want to say, really try to slow your pace down throughout this retrograde. Really listen to yourself. How your body feels, what you’re emotionally and intuitively feeling. If you’re overthinking too much or overly anxious, I encourage you to look back and see where you noticed you began feeling like this and why.

Earthing the Tower card, holds such depth. That’s what I see, feeling strong emotion that is connected to old ancestral wounding. It also speaks of quiet and rest, the word solitude is shown. As much as the Tower card is unsettling to many,  this card feels more like a breaking open of hurt you may have been nurturing but haven’t felt ready or had the energy to understand and explore its depth to transform the pain and really sit to feel it through.

It speaks of possible unexpected reconnections or memories that will trigger the past for you to pay attention to what you’re feeling inside. Please understand when things like this surface it’s important for you to hold that self awareness and to move through and heal what it is that’s wanting your presence. This always relays to ready you to be stronger and clearer for the next bit of life to reveal itself. The card urges quiet, rest understanding that you have been and will continue to transform the pain you’re really feeling stagnant in.

The following two supporting cards, the Knight of Pentacles and the Eight of Swords, is interesting. The Knight of Pentacles is showing again slow movement through this, but to be careful you’re not putting your own healing process off because you’re caught in grief which can look like lack of motivation, distraction from things you know you need to do, purposeful self sabotage which the distraction thing can be, irritation and feeling like you can't slow down from busyness. It speaks of moving through what you’re feeling in small steps and give yourself space to be thorough. But to also ground what you’re feeling and to make time to connect with nature to ground and relieve the healing process.

The Eight of Swords, is a reminder to get out of your head with what if’s and come back into your body and do the inner work needed. This is also a kind reminder to process and ground your rage before communicating to those you love. Watch for those spaces of grief and rage where you can easily stay comfortable in because it’s a familiar place, and for some can be a source of comfort. Find and explore the pain within your rage and grief to ground what you’re feeling. If you would like to book a clairvoyant/mediumship reading with me, click here to view and book a service:

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