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Weekly Tarot insight from the 9th of December to the 16th of December 2018

The major arcana influence for the week is Strength. The two cards together isn't as bad as it looks. I always expect the energy to feel like this at this time of the year. Earthing the Strength card, tells me to not put off the practical things that need doing because I see it will also offer focus to channel the excess energy you maybe feeling. It also tells me to earth any emotional pain that may have recently been poked at, and get out of your head and bring the scope of this pain right out instead of right in, focusing on every painful detail and overthinking to the point of being lost in it. Breathe, there's a bigger picture here. This collective time of energy brings up so much pain and trauma, let's remember that this month.

The support card, the five of cups tells me to let things that have ended, rest. Leave it be and deal with the loose ends that need understanding and presence so you can let it all go.

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