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I Ching reading for Health

I Ching reading for Health

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This reading is a comprehensive reading specifically for health and well being focusing on reading the energy of the main organs in the human body. This will tell you what emotions and stagnant energy is locked in these places and why, understanding if one organ is weaker it makes each one work harder. This will give you clarity and insight on the belief systems you have locked in place for this to happen and how to unlock these patterns so the qi (chi) can begin to move and slowly balance out with a commitment to heal and reclaim your health and well being. 

This reading can be delivered to you via email or via Skype. Please note the coins must be thrown 6 times to formulate one hexagram, so please be patient if the reading is done face to face. So the main organs I read is brain, heart, kidneys, lungs, liver and pancreas. Whether it's done over email or Skype exchange is the same. 

You will receive it typed and sent to you via email, either way you will also be informed on what healing steps to take next.

Please email me after you purchase the reading. This is an ancestral practice passed down by my Chinese ancestors. 

Please email me at once purchased.