Snake & Wild Roots is an Australian based business dedicated in providing high quality authentic folk magic and witchcraft products and supplies along with unique earth inspired art works and weaves, from the magic of my ancestors. This is my ancestral work. I proudly come from a mixed European and Asian heritage liberating all of who I am. The focus is on creating an earth conscious and creative community through a range of teachings and services to reclaim and heal your ancestral roots. The primary focus is to support ancestral healing, self expression and embrace individuality. With 27 years of walking the path of witch, I have crafted my work with clarity and accuracy and driven to share it with as many who are open to receive it. 



That's my business statement above from me to you.


 And here's a little more...

Everything that is meaningful has lost it's importance in the white wash of marketing and the oppression of patriarchy. Our earth is seen as a commodity not as a living being. The magic and mystery of life, the depth of what love really is seems to be what many people are searching for and trying to understand. The oppression is growing. It feels like suffocation and a yearning for genuine connection with both people and land. 

The only way to breathe and create profound change through this suffocation is to stand in what's real. Mystery is real, and where there's mystery, there's magic. Earth is real. Breathe and take in both, let it be your first step to returning home. 

Come back to your roots


My work is dedicated to our Mother the earth and my beloved ancestors. I am here to support the wild women of the earth. You can read about my commitment to you here - to the women of the wild 


With my love always women,

Astara Lak'ech