Snake & Wild Roots is an Australian based business dedicated in providing high quality authentic folk magic and witchcraft products and supplies along with unique earth inspired art works and weaves, from the magic of my ancestors. This is my ancestral work. I proudly come from a mixed European and Asian heritage. The focus is on creating an earth conscious and creative community through a range of teachings and services to reclaim and heal your ancestral roots. The primary focus is to support ancestral healing, self expression and embrace individuality. With 29 years of walking the path of witch, I have crafted my work with clarity and accuracy and driven to share it with as many who are open to receive it. 



That's my business statement above from me to you.


 And here's a little more...

Everything that is meaningful has lost it's importance in the white wash of marketing and the oppression of patriarchy. Our earth is seen as a commodity not as a living being. The magic and mystery of life, the depth of what love really is seems to be what many people are searching for and trying to understand. The oppression is growing. It feels like suffocation and a yearning for genuine connection with both people and land. 

The only way to breathe and create profound change through this suffocation is to stand in what's real. Mystery is real, and where there's mystery, there's magic. Earth is real. Breathe and take in both, let it be your first step to returning home. 

Come back to your roots


My work is dedicated to our Mother the earth and my beloved ancestors. I am here to support the wild women of the earth. You can read about my commitment to you below - to the women of the wild.


With my love always,

Astara Lín Nguon


جاده ابریشم



There's more to say at the end of this statement. Fuck things evolve and all of that, and I'm going to give it to you honestly right below this.

Witch to witch

I am witch. I support and assist woman/ & non binary to enter and navigate the mystery,  the wild loving darkness. I am devoted to our beloved Mother Earth, and I share this:

My work is powerful, deep and transformative, it’s not for everyone. I’ve been teaching women how to reclaim their power and heal for 22 years, and children for 17 years. I believe it’s one of the many things I am here to do. I began walking the feminine mysteries when I was 19, and this is where I really started to ask questions no one around me would. Please understand, feminine mysteries are stripped down to no gender when it's truly lived and walked in it's depth. The mystery isn't gendered, and nor should our spiritual practice hold space and isolate those that do not identify with goddess or god.

When it came to spiritual teachings and practices, I watched people take on blindly what they were taught, and I could not, because I knew inside myself what was truth and what was not. Not a popular track to take for anyone that has the courage to ask questions that most people wouldn't contemplate. Working with women and non binary loves is very natural and knowing to me. I’ve gone much deeper than most, and trust me when I say there’s fuck all fluff here. My work is an all inclusive space for BIPOC (black indigenous people of colour). Ancestral work sessions are no longer available to cis white non bipoc women. There are services noted on what is available for non bipoc under 'One on one sessions.'

I work with women & non binary loves on the edge of enough, or on the edge of finally choosing their real self. I work with those wanting to deepen their relationship with self and earth with the primary focus of reclaiming their ancestral roots. I work with those who want to confront their own personal shit head on. I work with people that are not afraid of the truth, and not afraid to live it. I work with witches that are not afraid to be liberated and seen. I work with people who want to transform over and over again. I work with loves that choose to live with integrity and self respect.

My work is honest, and not a lot of people are ready for truth and honesty.

If you feel the pull to work together I give you truth, honesty and support to empower and assist you to navigate through the mysterious world of you, so you can walk your knowing and fuck off oppression once and for all. I will teach you to make friends with fear, and teach you to navigate and understand your emotional body which holds the patterns of self sabotage and assist you to find your purpose that is found when you reclaim your ancestral roots. I will support you to rip the chains off and be the person you are… nothing less will be given. I teach what I live.

I offer a decolonised way of healing, one that is inclusive to all earth and your own personal unique life experiences. I am a qualified counsellor, mental health art therapist and permaculturist with focused study on psychology, psychotherapy and somatic therapy but I’m not here to use these qualifications in the way I’ve been taught (besides permaculture). I am here to liberate and show women/non binary people how to return home to themselves, and although these qualifications have taught some things, it comes nowhere near to what I have learned through my own knowing as a shamanic witch, the clarity and wisdom from my ancestral practices and my strong connection to spirit and earth. This gives my work the depth and uniqueness that many seek but many cannot put into words. 

I am a person of colour who remembers, so I have no time for bullshit. Come to me with no expectations.

With love,

Astara Lak’ech


That statement above still stands BUT not for all women.

I expect the women/non binary people who approaches my work to have experience navigating their inside world, and be an active intersectional oppression abolisher (fuck yes, and nothing less) & antiracist with the consistent practice dedicated to unthread white privilege and racism. I expect women and non binary people to approach me to be dedicated to our mother within her/their life and earth practice - all of the above is a given for any earth practitioner, to carry self with integrity and respect. I expect you to hold experience and know self well enough that you choose not to live toxic behaviours which seems to be so entwined within the so called witch 'community.' To understand and know what witch is, a knowing that should be in your bones that you do not chase the glamour of false power with on and offline connections that have no problem culturally appropriating. It is not the falseness and aesthetic it's become to be with fuck all essence and realness. I expect you to know this, otherwise I am not for you and I have no problem letting you know this too.   

I am a person of colour who remembers. Come to me with no expectation of who you think I am and a fuck tonne of respect and integrity for all life or don't approach me at all.

Decolonise and fuck the patriarchy, it's killing us all.