Ancestral Folk Magic & Healing - reclaim your power


This dear woman is something I've been doing for many years and offering one of my heart felt passions to support women to step into their power. 
First of all, I want to say this isn't for everybody. Witch has become something popular to be, and let me tell you there isn't too many of us, the real ones that feel wild in our bones and hear the voice of our ancestors pulling us back towards the hidden and the earth. Not anyone is witch, trust me, there are very few people that can walk this depth so regardless of what you may have read, people making those statements are the ones that are superficially standing on their own soil because once they have reached in this deep, they will know it is not for everybody. 

I'm not going to waste your time, because what I'm going to say usually is the defining mark for those that believe they are committed to our earth and decolonising by saying this: the patriarchal system is built to privilege white europeans. Through this, a toxic mentality is lived by those that have gained privileges from this system. To understand more, please google what white privilege is. I wrote a little about here and my experience in the so called 'conscious' community- this is something you have to be responsible to unthread if you would like to work together. It is something we will both keep in check throughout our mentorship. The more you understand you will see the damage and dissociation this has to our earth, to minority groups and to yourself. This is solid and part of the decolonisation and healing process. Please google white privilege and white fragility. 

This is something that I naturally know, because of the many deaths I've experienced in my life as witch and earth practices that are deeply embedded in my Asian roots. Deaths that broke open depths I have already travelled to take me further and further into myself and the gifts of my ancestors. 

This is a one on one relationship that is based on mutual respect, integrity, trust, openness and honesty. It heals and breaks away any relationship pains you may have struggled with and opens space for healing, allowing any toxic behaviours you may learned in relating to be explored and to finally heal with ongoing self awareness deepening your experience with the mystery of life. 
Everything is based on relationship, and to have a clear and loving relationship with yourself is to have the same with others, all living beings not just people. 

Ancestral witchcraft is deep. It is what I believe the only form of real magic that exists because of its depth and the practices that is remembered from our own ancestors is no comparison to other forms of book magic and practices that is being fashionably taught over and over again leaving the potency and the relationship with our ancestors not to be seen. This in itself is a great pain which also keeps people lost in confusion with no connection to their roots and the truth of the power they are. 

So women, I offer this to you because the earth is needing us to stand strong. Our ancestors and ourselves is needing healing. We all need to come back to the earth and live our own natural rhythm that is in sync with the earth yet individual and unique as we are. We cannot live a peaceful balanced life, we cannot live our power without having a strong relationship with the earth, self and be the conscious backbone of our roots which connects us to our knowing keeping us rooted to the earth. 

I have been supporting women/non binary to heal and liberating from oppression for so many years. This isn't a path I chose for myself, it was naturally handed to me as I evolved from an early age. It is my unique relationship to the earth that called me to it and I am committed to our Mother and to you. 

If this interests you, read on beloved as there is things I look before we begin working together. This needs to be understood before our walk together begins. Click onto the next page here - Ethics & Knowing Your Worth