Anti-racism, white supremacy & intersectional feminism- My statement for my work

I am a person of colour. I am an intersectional feminist and if you want to be mentored or learn the tarot, it is a definite line drawn in the sand for you to be an active intersectional feminist and do the present work to be antiracist which includes unthreading white supremacy and privilege. This is all written on my about page. I have to make this clear to even BIPOC loves, because this poison is ingrained and needs to be transformed in order to reclaim your ancestral roots, power and wisdom. To have a clear and loving relationship with all people. 

This work is an everyday presence, and for those that are wanting to come back to their ancestral roots which includes the ongoing healing work to be guided into your ancestral practice, this needs to be. Only lack of commitment, knowing and genuine care from those will question it, and it's a flat no for from me. This is the work of witch and earth, and it's what I've been screaming on my pages for some time now. It's of importance. You cannot liberate and reclaim power without be committed to unthread this toxicity and decolonising. 

Ongoing ancestral shamanic tracking and healing, also tarot work includes intimate sessions of healing work. Racism and white privilege is ingrained and requires hundred percent commitment to transform and walk with presence. Why I do not and will not work with white women that refuse to remain open and teachable and respectful towards all people. Why I refuse to work with women that are not an intersectional feminist or actively living and engaging in antiracism and unthreading their white privilege.

Let me say also, there is an added toxicity and strong dissociation with white women that do not, which effectively interferes in every part of her life and every relationship she has, whether being with people or earth which includes connecting in and establishing a strong relationship with her ancestors. This is what these ingrained beliefs do to a person that has learned to dissociate from the reality because of her skin tone from certain human rights issues believing they are not her responsibility. Layer this with her own trauma and wounding, and there is a lot destructive behaviours, actions and language to heal and unthread. This, in the very least is the beginning to help you plant your feet on the ground. 

Whiteness is a construct created by this patriarchal, white supremacist and racist system. This whiteness believes it has entitlement and the superiority that because your skin tone is white, you are 'better' which is a delusion and these beliefs is threaded through everything you do if you choose to believe it. It is so ingrained, most white people do not see it. Denial only feeds it but I want to iterate this again because it consistently needs to be heard and I am not that bruja to accept anything less from those that claim they are an earth practitioner and one to protect the earth.

If this is all shiny and new to you and you still want to go ahead and work with me, get in contact and we'll chat further at