Death & Bonecrafting


I guide and teach emotional navigation through transmutation using conscious creativity. 

Death has it's own wisdom and it's own unpredictable nature, and though I could form some words to entice you to embrace the entirety of nature, I won't be. 

You know when you experience a death of the old self. You know, and you will know if something is telling you to really pay attention this time. If you need support and committed emotionally and spiritually to grow, knowing it will be challenging, contact me. We'll speak on the phone first before any commitment is made to go forward, no exchange included. 


Presence in the natural world equates to an awareness that life is not inclusive to just yourself and maybe a few family members and friends, but to all life. You know it in your body when you embrace death and acknowledge it's presence strongly as much as you do life and live both with equal attention. If you want to hear the speak of your ancestors, you must die over and over again that's how we return home.

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'What is bonecrafting?,' she asked.

'Bonecrafting is ancient as it comes and only the oldest of the wise know how to create life from death knowingly..
Imagine you have a large painting you've crafted with such intent and love. You placed a lot of hours into it and you know this painting is a big part of your life and the expression of it. Then suddenly out of nowhere someone you don't know gets their hands on it and destroys most of your painting and then leaves.'

'You come home to find so much of your love and time on the floor. The time you put into expressing and creating this painting, gone. You're devastated and your instincts says to collect whatever is left and find a safer a place to decide what to do now. 
You feel devastated and in shock. You're feeling so much and afraid to start painting again incase it's taken away from you..'

'This is the beginning of a new journey called bonecrafting. It's creating life through death placing your awareness on what you're feeling and using your insight to see what is being told to you. Why it happened, what to do now, what's the teachings in this. There is no time to know how long you have to craft with the bones. This is just the beginning of the journey when the rattle is shaken there's so much more to come and it's unpredictable as death is..and you do all of that child standing in the eye of your own chaos learning to see the painful truth without looking away and saying thank you..'

'This is old wisdom and an old practice my darling one and every woman of the craft will be called to know. Death is just as important as life but everyone ignores death because it's painful and scary but when you accept death in your life it offers wisdom that life cannot..'