Ethics & Knowing Your Worth

Healing is messy, painful and has a life and journey of its own. It is not nicely wrapped in neat little boxes where you will do a little bit and believe it's over and done with. That's a misconception our society has wrongly fed us. Once we choose to consciously heal, we are choosing to live a life of self awareness. To believe it ends and a certain time is to fall back into old unconscious patterns. A disassociation from the body which is how many people keep reliving old trauma patterns. 
To choose healing, is to choose to surrender to the mystery of life learning to stand rooted in natural chaos and moving with your own natural rhythm and the earths energy. How it once was before we were taught to live a nine to five life. 
So that is something that needs to be accepted, within that is also a surrender to your old life. Some things may be kept but will never be the same way as nothing ever stays the same, and some things will be transformed, why death will and needs to be accepted because it is a part of life, nature. This is where most people are terrified of change and letting go. Society has brainwashed people that life stays pretty much the same way and it's very much because of this unnatural way of life that's been taught, away from earth and nature. To begin this, is a commitment to come back to the earth, yourself and your roots. 
This is all part of the healing process, it's not for you to be concerned about because we enter this together, it is simply a knowing and acceptance before we begin. 


Appropriation and old practices

As mentioned above, death must be accepted before we begin together this includes what you feel or think you know. Witches that come to me with wiccan influences or strongly holding onto practices they have been taught has to be surrendered. I have met a small handful of witches where their practices are deep and is rich with their own ancestral wisdom, different story, that's beauty I respect, but these practices are empty in comparison to your own ancestral knowledge and wisdom that wants to live through you. This is not to disrespect what you have lived, simply stripping back beliefs and practices that is blocking your true power. 

In saying that, I do not work with anyone appropriating from other cultures. You cannot live the wisdom of your ancestors when you're choosing to practice something that is not your own. Your ancestors is your backbone, to appropriate from another culture is to take. I understand some may have been taught practices from other cultures and given permission to practice, but this is a commitment to your own family, wisdom and culture. To be pulled in two directions is to first not give your full attention, focus and loyalty, the other is creating a wound that is separating you from yourself and your own roots. If this is something you're challenged with, then this practice isn't for you. 

Respecting the earth 

I know some women have come to me living businesses selling crystals or leather work. This cannot be if you choose to walk this. 
Your respectful relationship to the earth is everything. I understand people have been sold and brainwashed unhealthy beliefs that disrespect the earth, I don't accept this and it needs to be accepted before we begin. 
Crystals are blown up from the earth, made trendy for 'aware' people and they are doing nothing but making money off the pain of our mother. 
Same goes for making money off the backs of our animal kin. 
I understand life and death is natural, but to feed into and be part of killing animals so it looks spiritual doesn't work here. 
Unless you hunt and eat and use the entire animal with respect, the excuses of 'I'm respecting the animals life by giving it life' I have heard over and over again. You must know that you are also feeding into perpetuating the kill of our kin for greed and money sake. Sorry, but it's a no. This goes for any practice that is taking from the earth and our Mother not being respected. This goes for farming as well, whether it's you or your partner it's a no. It is one thing to own a few animals to feed you and your family and quite another to make a living from it. A flat no. 

Integrity, respect and honesty 

You wouldn't think this would be a thing, but it's the biggest thing of all. There are not a lot of people that choose to walk with integrity, respect and honesty. 
This is a must with all of who you are, including your actions and behaviour whether seen or behind close doors, be true to your own nature and to others. 
You need to know I can smell bullshit. I have a deep level of sight and I smell the slightest bit of bullshit. Sometimes I will speak up there and then at times I will sit back and observe the behaviour. It will be brought up for discussion regardless, but let's cut the bullshit here, don't come to me if don't live it. 
I am open to healing honest wounding because that's what I do, but this is an overall expression of your character we're taking about here. So you know. Come to me with bullshit and I will deal with you as witch. 


Rage is a big one isn't it woman. I'm good with rage if its honest no matter how big. Some women are so tightly wound in their rage that it's impossible to unthread to make even the smallest space for healing. 
Come to me anyway. I cannot know until we sit in front of one another. If I feel it's to tightly bound there are other ways we can work with it, and if not I will let you know. 


This is a journey of trust. Learning to trust yourself ultimately and within that to trust another. No matter how wounded you enter this my love, be willing and it will slowly happen. 
The only thing I say here is, if your walls are too high and your smart arseness wants to test the waters because you've unconsciously fell back into old patterns, it's a see ya later from me. I'm not here to remind you as a child. Happy to discuss anything openly, if you feel this comes up then let's talk but not taking shit. 

Don't waste our time, because I have no time to waste and neither do you. 


Unthreading Religion

One of the most important factors of walking your own practice is unthreading religion from your life and belief system. I don't work with beliefs, I work with knowing. You want to know in your bones the truth of what is. Belief is an idea with no proof that it is real. Witch is knowing. 

Unthreading the trauma from religion will take some time to heal, to continue to practice it while healing only keeps the wound gaping wide open. Come those holidays, it will be no more. There must be a focus and commitment to yourself, earth and your ancestors to heal. Remember, to heal is to commit to being the person you are beneath the wounds, self awareness does not stop. To not celebrate anything that harmed our own which always includes the earth. Most people still believe (there's that word again) that it is harmless to get together with loved ones on this day. Though you are still allowing yourself to feed the pain of brainwashing. I highly encourage you to gather with your loved ones why I encourage the wheel of the year, celebrate the harvest and changes of the seasons of the earth.


Toxic Relationships and Addictions

I don't work with women in toxic relationships. I don't care what gender your partner is, it's a no from me. You cannot heal if you choose to stay in a toxic relationship. 

I also do not work with women that have addictions, cigarette smoking included. Addictions hold heavy wounding, if you're not willing to create changes then you're not willing to heal and to grow. 


This path requires no more bullshit and no more lying to yourself. Truth, honesty, respect and integrity to yourself and to the earth which includes everyone. 

These are the main ethics that need to be understood and accepted before connecting with me. Anything else will be discussed. 
If you feel you want to go forward beloved click here to the CONTACT form on my site. 

Exchange: for the first 4-6 months exchange is $400 for four sessions including inner work. This gives me time to see if you are compatible for the work and if we are compatible for one another. If so the payment gets knocked down to $350 four sessions, then after that a one off payment is offered and we work for a block of seven months together,