My Mongolian/Siberian Roots


My Mongolian/Siberian Roots     


Ancestral practices holds a potency that only a person that has a deep relationship with their own will understand. In Mongolian shamanism, to train as shaman, one’s ancestral lineage shouldn’t be broken or hold any sicknesses. If it doesn’t, the training to become shaman will be smooth and it will be easy to contact the ancestors in trance work. If it is sick, the shaman cannot continue regardless if they have strong signs of the gift.

My background in earth practice began many years ago when I was sixteen into women’s mysteries. I am a natural born witch and medium. Trance work is the most natural thing for me, and has gotten me through many bad times from a very young age. I was drawn to always sit in the dark and rock myself into other worlds because I could see more and the faces and voices I saw were kind and always helpful with any problem I had. I still sit in the dark when it’s needed to solve any problem not only for myself but for others. When I crossed over and became a mother, through pregnancy, during and after the birthing practice my spiritual world opened so wide, the communication with spirit was daily, the dreams full of spirit and ancient wisdom. Some wisdom I remembered on waking, and some I was not meant to, though a knowing I was walking the wisdom everyday regardless of remembering it or not.

When my daughter was sixteen months old, I felt a huge pull to live six and a half hours from the city in the forest. Being a single mum I had very little money and put out through a bit of candle magic to bring a certain amount of money to me to purchase a new car. On the third week from the working, I had a car accident. Both my daughter and I walked out without a scratch even with all the windows smashed in. The person that collided into us, paid the sum of money I needed to purchase another car to get to the forest, and that I did within three weeks.

That was another beginning that took me deep into my ancestral and earth practices living in the forest. With a small child, my routine was waking up feeding both of us and going to the forest, then after lunch it was both water and forest, then after dinner it was ocean. Within this I knew how to connect with the earth energies. I knew how to approach and connect to the spirit in every piece of earth. From rocks, to trees, to dirt, to all different kinds of water bodies and knew what and how to use them to heal and to create magic with. I had the most vivid and powerful experiences, and knew when to sleep outside to listen to the earth speak. It was my world for four and a half years. Then I came back to the city to begin working and continued my practices and still do. It is my life. I was taught how to channel, heal myself, heal animals, how to work with spirit animals, channel wisdom from the land, know how to balance out ‘sick’ land. I was taught how to be conscious in dreams which took many weeks to learn, how to scan my body and others to listen for sickness and how to unthread the knots of energy. I learned many, many things and it hasn’t stopped. I left the city to live back in the forest in 2010 and I won't be going back. 

I didn’t know why I knew these things or why the voices and teachings were so loud and natural for me until I researched and got my genealogy done. I was raised to believe I was Burmese.

My Asian roots is Mongolian/Siberian mixed in with Chinese and Indian- my father. Shamanism is the oldest practices in Mongolia and Siberia and why I know it comes from this side is because often when things were really tough, or in my dreams or when I was sick I saw them around me.

One time when I was living in the forest, I got the chicken pox and felt weak, I also had a stomach virus on top of that. It was just me and my daughter, and I asked my ancestors to watch over me while I slept. I lit an incense stick and a candle for them and had the deepest sleep.

When I woke up, I saw three male figures around my bed standing like rocks wearing what looked like dark grey blankets around them. Knowing, strong and peaceful. I saw them clearly, even rubbed my eyes thinking maybe I was still asleep. One held my gaze until he disappeared. To say I was moved, is an understatement.

This relationship is very strong and very old. The shamanic knowing and the love for our Mother Earth comes from my Mongolian/Siberian ancestors. The witchcraft, Chinese and European, that’s another page.


The two most important relationships is with self and with Mother Earth, without both there is no balance and the voices of those before you cannot be heard.

гоо үзэсгэлэнтэй алхаарайm (walk in beauty), хүндэтгэлтэйгээр алхаарай (walk in honour) Таны өмнө ирсэн хүмүүсээс (of those who came before you.)