Ancestral Reclamation of Power (One on One sessions)
Ancestral Reclamation (services)
All practices run deep.  It's recommended at some point for you to do your DNA test to know with certainty the cultures you are made up of, but I need to be clear -some of what you know that you're made up of may also not have made you're DNA, so if you know for certainty of other cultures in your lineage please let me know. 
Come into session with no expectation. Leave what you think you know when you enter space with me. This is a shamanic inner self exploration that is tracked and guided by spirit using my mediumship and seer ability. Though I'm practised as an art therapist and counsellor,  the knowledge that was taught comes no where near to the depth I walk as witch.  Many times when women come to me thinking it's one thing it's usually something very different altogether. I only take on loves that are ready and take themselves seriously. One hundred percent commitment is needed to travel into this depth. This is very deep and a surrender and willingness to heal needs to be understood. 
Read through the services then connect with me at or fill in the contact form for your convenience here:
Sessions are in person or via Skype so available to anyone in the world.
Sessions offered:
-Shamanic tracking & ancestral healing
-Managing & creating through grief
-Transmutation, a 6 week exploration
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Shamanic tracking & ancestral healing 
One of my strongest gifts is tracking. Hunting and moving through spirit world is a shamanic technique. To be a proficient hunter, you must know how to be an excellent tracker to heal with crystal clear sight.
Tracking is done using my inner sight and my mediumship ability to see the threads of energy and the unique authentic flow of who you really are beneath the wounding, unknotting and exploring your emotional wounds, teaching you how to track your own energy within and how to consistently grow from trauma wounding liberating yourself and your ancestors. 
Within our traumas and emotional wounds, is the power of who we really are and our ancestral knowing. This is what I teach, guide and support each person I work with to heal, and show you how to receive your own ancestral remembering, knowledge, wisdom and old craft regardless of what background you come from.
The core of witchery and shamanism is healing through developing and strengthening your relationship to self, earth and your ancestors. In order to reclaim your ancestral power, you must heal from the inside out. Staying in old wounded patterns is to pass on the pain through the family thread.
If you’ve been called here, there’s a good chance darlin heart you have been chosen by your own to heal your thread. It is not an easy track to walk, but an incredibly important one. For you, your ancestors and for the earth. 

It is deep work and hundred percent commitment is required. This is uniquely an ancestral gift that is shamanically rooted in the essence of my thread. I work along my ancestors which is the chosen practice in my lineage to bring you back to yours. 

If you are interested, it’s preferable that I work with those on a long term basis until you feel comfortable tracking and healing on your own. Please read this first -  and if that feels good to you please fill out the contact form to make an appointment for a phone call. $40 is exchange for the phone call which is about an hour. 

I work with many people around the world, if this calls to you please feel free to contact me through the Contact page, and know the exchange is in AUD currency. Sessions are offered in block of four to begin with before we enter mentorship which includes inner work to do in your own quiet space, along with my support to you when needed. 
Exchange is $350 and if it shows this work is natural for you, the offered price is reduced
Managing and creating through grief - healing depression/oppression & intergenerational trauma
I have been honoured to work with many wild woman around world teaching how to manage anxiety and depression and how to grow through it, and it's the very best feeling to see each one free knowing they have the tools to navigate their way through and have created a new life from the practice we have created together.
Email me at to discuss. 
One off sessions: $120 including inner work.
The block of four sessions remain the same: $350 including inner work and can be paid in a two part payment. 
Available in person or via Skype.

Transmutation, a 6 week journey
This is 6 week exploration to uncover the transformative place you are currently in. Within this place you can feel stuck, unmotivated, doubtful, confused, emotionally heavy, irritated, a feeling to want to escape, rage full and bored. 
This 6 weeks offers one hour sessions via Skype once a week including inner work I channel for you to do to peel off the layers and reclaim your power within the oppression. This takes commitment on your behalf and full presence is required for the 6 week journey. 
After the six weeks, you will have clarity with the direction you want to take and we'll discuss the next steps of where you would like to go from here. 
You will leave with tools on how to process and move through strong belief patterns to assist you to grow from your oppression for future practice. 
Exchange is $420 and you can pay two payments of $210 or 3 payments of $140. The 6 weeks commence once full payment has been made.
Email me at if this calls to you love or fill out the contact form by clicking here:
To those that are committed, after many months working together, I have an exclusive offer that will be offered to you once I feel you're ready.