Ancestral Reclamation of Power (One on One sessions)
Ancestral Reclamation (services)
All practices run deep, the deeper you commit to go I teach you how to connect with your own ancestral wisdom. It's recommended at some point for you to do your DNA test to know with certainty the cultures you are made up of, but I need to be clear -some of what you know that you're made up of may also not have made you're DNA, so if you know for certainty of other cultures in your lineage please let me know. The reason for this is so I can support you to connect with all ancestral connections.
Come into session with no expectation. Leave what you think you know when you enter space with me. This is an inner self exploration that is guided by spirit using my mediumship ability. Though I'm practised as an art therapist and counsellor,  the knowledge that was taught comes no where near to the depth I walk as witch.  Many times when women come to me thinking it's one thing it's usually something very different altogether. I only take on loves that are ready and take themselves seriously. One hundred percent commitment is needed to travel into this depth. This is very deep and a surrender and willingness to heal needs to be understood. 
Read through the services then connect with me at or fill in the contact form for your convenience here:
Sessions are in person or via Skype so available to anyone in the world.
Sessions you'll find here - Ancestral bone crafting
                                  - Exploring Shadow
                                                                  - Managing and creating through grief
                                    - Ancestral weaving
                                                                   - Transmutation, a 6 week exploration
                                                          - Earth woman, a 6 week journey
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Ancestral Bone crafting
Bone crafting, is learning how to navigate through death consciously, feeling the full force of transmutation and strengthening inner sight by listening to your intuition through the process. I use conscious creativity to guide you to explore and express through the darkest recesses, navigating through emotional wounding connected to intergenerational trauma. I show you how to navigate your way through and tools to support your inward exploration, tools you have for life, to heal, to know and to connect with your ancestral threads. No creative experience is necessary.
One off sessions: run for about an hour and a half and includes inner work. Exchange is $120
Blocks of FOUR sessions including inner work is $350 which can be paid in two payments of $175 within a month. 
Available in person or via Skype.
Exploring Shadow
This is a creative exploration using charcoal and acrylic paint focusing on present emotional blocks. This is focused towards any lovely that is finding it challenging to move forward feeling ready to explore and authentically change not just her current situation, but the way she lives. It naturally evolves that way my loves. No creative experience is necessary.
Sessions are available in person or via Skype so available to anyone in the world.
One off sessions: $120 including inner work.
FOUR block sessions including inner work is $300 and be paid in a two part payment of $150.
Managing and creating through grief - healing depression/oppression & intergenerational trauma
I have been honoured to work with many wild woman around world teaching how to manage anxiety and depression and how to grow through it, and it's the very best feeling to see each one free knowing they have the tools to navigate their way through and have created a new life from the practice we have created together.
Email me at to discuss. 
One off sessions: $120 including inner work.
The block of four sessions remain the same: $350 including inner work and can be paid in a two part payment. 
Available in person or via Skype.

Ancestral Weaving
I am a spinner and weaver my loves, and I take great pride in the craft and I use it for many purposes but mainly connecting with ancestral threads gathering wisdom and knowledge to be guided through any wounds that are in need of healing and to liberate my own. 
I will be offering a facebook group for those who want to learn, but it is integral that you work with me one on one with bone crafting to learn. I can't and won't teach this to anyone. This work is deep, and it isn't for everyone and my services will never be offered to just anyone. 
Transmutation, a 6 week journey
This is 6 week exploration to uncover the transformative place you are currently in. Within this place you can feel stuck, unmotivated, doubtful, confused, emotionally heavy, irritated, a feeling to want to escape, rage full and bored. 
This 6 weeks offers one hour sessions via Skype once a week including inner work I channel for you to do to peel off the layers and reclaim your power within the oppression. This takes commitment on your behalf and full presence is required for the 6 week journey. 
After the six weeks, you will have clarity with the direction you want to take and we'll discuss the next steps of where you would like to go from here. 
You will leave with tools on how to process and move through strong belief patterns to assist you to grow from your oppression for future practice. 
Exchange is $420 and you can pay two payments of $210 or 3 payments of $140. The 6 weeks commence once full payment has been made.
Email me at if this calls to you love. 
Earth Woman, a 6 week journey
Earth woman: this is a 6 week inner journey to uncover the gifts you know or sense you have. It is a transformative process to give you a clearer knowing of who you are and how you would like to utilise these skills. 
This is aimed towards the artists, plant lovers, healers, witches, wortcunners, medicine women and those that feel shamanic roots in their bones.  Exchange is $420 for the 6 weeks. You can pay two payments of $220 or 3 payments of $140. The 6 weeks don't begin until payment is made in full. Please email me here at if this calls to you. 

Email me lovely if this calls to you and lets chat further at or fill out the contact form by clicking here:
To those that are committed, after many months working together, I have an exclusive offer that will be offered to you once I feel you're ready.