Ancestral Reclamation of Power (One on One sessions)

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The most important thing you can do is invest in yourself
One off sessions are available for non BIPOC people.
Transformational & ancestral healing work is explained as destruction first in relation to nature. To understand truth deconstructs & reconstructs (destruction, chaos, death, unknown and rebirth- the cycle of nature, and the power and movement of mystery) when we live our healing work it needs to be understood that it is ongoing transformational work. This is the truth of real bone deep healing, but also this language hopefully makes people more aware that the truth about healing work is challenging, and it's meant to be as it's challenging and confronting deep trauma wounding, behavioural patterns and beliefs that feed the wound.
I offer a decolonised way of transformation and true healing. My style of healing is true bone deep healing reclaiming ancestral power, wisdom and knowing bringing my clients back to earth and their cultural roots unthreading the poison of white supremacy. In order to truly heal, we must unthread and transform this wound ongoing to come back to earth and self. Be challenged to love & return to the earth. 
Ancestral healing & liberation-
destruction & transformational work
Sessions offered:
-Transmutation sessions
-Shamanic tracking & ancestral healing
- Chinese Five Shen Healing sessions
-Transmutation, a 6 week exploration
- Learn how to read tarot & grow your psychic ability and unique ancestral seer gifts
Please scroll the page to find the session that calls to you. 
These sessions are open sessions to whatever you feel you need transforming. You can come to session not knowing what that is, and many people do or have a specific purpose in mind. Using shamanic tracking and connection to spirit, we will open and explore what is needing presence and what needs transforming. Clear sight gives me the specific detail on where to explore and how to transform where you're feeling stuck, flat, unmotivated, frustrated or just feeling like you're floating with no direction.
The session can be centred on whatever you feel you need.
Most people come not only for trauma, but also relationship and sexual health and expression, discussion on earth practices, creativity and creative blocks, business changes and creative flow within business, money blocks and it goes on. 
 Each session runs for an hour and is available via Skype/Messenger anywhere in the world. 
These sessions are one off sessions, but if it feels like we need a block of sessions to create with then there's that option also. 
Sit in session with a bruja and you're guarantee to shift shit. 
Exchange is $130 AUD
                        (Money conversion rates are subjected to change depending where you are in the world.)
May also include inner work for some loves to do in your own quiet space. 
Contact me via the contact page to make an appointment. 
Ancestral Reclamation - Mentorship 
Living your own ancestral earth practice
Mentorship is available. Please email for discussion. 
All practices run deep and mentorship is not to be taken lightly. This is a shamanic inner self exploration that is tracked and guided by spirit using my mediumship and seer ability.  I only take on people that are ready and are one hundred percent committed which is required to travel into this depth. This is not a free service, exchange is involved. 
 Fill in the contact form for your convenience here:
Sessions are in person, via Skype or Facebook messenger and is available to anyone in the world.
Shamanic tracking & ancestral healing 
One of my strongest gifts is tracking. Hunting and moving through spirit world is a shamanic technique. To be a proficient hunter, you must know how to be an excellent tracker to heal with crystal clear sight.
Tracking is done using my inner sight and my mediumship ability to see the threads of energy and the unique authentic flow of who you really are beneath the wounding, unknotting and exploring your emotional wounds, teaching you how to track your own energy within and how to consistently grow from trauma wounding liberating yourself and your ancestors. 
Within our traumas and emotional wounds, is the power of who we really are and our ancestral knowing. This is what I teach, guide and support each person I work with to heal, and show you how to receive your own ancestral remembering, knowledge, wisdom and old craft regardless of what background you come from.
The core of witchery and shamanism is healing through developing and strengthening your relationship to self, earth and your ancestors. In order to reclaim your ancestral power, you must heal from the inside out. Staying in old wounded patterns is to pass on the pain through the family thread.
If you’ve been called here, there’s a good chance darlin heart you have been chosen by your own to heal your thread. It is not an easy track to walk, but an incredibly important one. For you, your ancestors and for the earth. 

It is deep work and hundred percent commitment is required. This is uniquely an ancestral gift that is shamanically rooted in the essence of my thread. I work along my ancestors which is the chosen practice in my lineage to bring you back to yours. 



I work with many people around the world, if this calls to you please feel free to contact me through the Contact page (1 hour Skype or Facebook messenger) which includes inner work to do in your own quiet space, along with my support outside of sessions if needed. 
Block of four sessions including inner work is $360 AUD
One off session- $140AUD
(Money conversion is subject to change depending where you are in the world)
All sessions include inner work to do in your quiet space.

Transmutation, a 6 week journey
This is 6 week exploration to uncover the transformative place you are currently in. Within this place you can feel stuck, unmotivated, doubtful, confused, emotionally heavy, irritated, a feeling to want to escape, rage full and bored. 
This 6 weeks offers one hour sessions via Skype once a week including inner work I channel for you to do to peel off the layers and reclaim your power. This takes commitment on your behalf and full presence is required for the 6 week journey. 
After the six weeks, you will have clarity with the direction you want to take and we'll discuss the next steps of where you would like to go from here. This is deep and transformative and there hasn't been a woman yet that hasn't been transformed within this 6 week journey.
You will leave with tools on how to process and move through strong belief patterns to assist you to grow from your oppression for future practice. 
Investment is $550 AUD and you can pay two payments of $225 or we can discuss a payment arrangement that suits you. The 6 weeks commence once full payment has been made.
Email me at if this calls to you love or fill out the contact form by clicking here:
Learn the tarot/oracle & grow your unique ancestral seer abilities
I am a mixed race person, and as many know I am Romani and highly recommend you seek out a Romani tarot teacher if you would like to learn.
Teaching tarot is only open to selective people and teaching Oracle card readings is always open to both BIPOC & NON BIPOC loves.
Teaching how to read oracle cards is taught in the way of growing your own psychic & mediumship ability leading you towards your own unique ancestral divination system.
Please contact me if you are interested. 
I offer a very unique way of teaching tarot & oracle card readings which also supports your uniqueness and abilities as well. There is no rigid way of learning the tarot/oracle, and to effectively learn, it is important I guide each person towards their own unique way of reading. I teach the system of tarot/oracle along with how to emotionally explore and navigate your own emotional and spiritual world for healing purposes, but I also connect you to your own unique ancestral seer abilities which is a very potent practice.
I also earth the tarot/oracle system to our mother earth which is not taught out there. I do this using my shamanic tracking abilities and our walk together is a healing one where you will heal and discover much about yourself and your ancestors. I only take on people that is committed to healing themselves and committed to healing our mother. This a deep walk. There is no superficial way of learning the tarot/oracle which also leads to other divination systems that is found in your ancestral thread. I give you 29 years of experience as a working medium and tarot reader. I am an ancestral shamanic witch, born with seer and healing abilities. If you choose to read for others as you continue through your practice, I will teach you how to set up business, communicate sensitively, honestly and with integrity with your clients.
Sessions are available in four block sessions which includes a one hour one on one session via Facebook messenger or Skype, weekly inner tarot/oracle and self exploration work and support throughout if anything comes up between sessions that you need mentoring through. 
Exchange is $360 AUD per block of four sessions and can be paid half or in full. 
One off session- $130AUD
before emailing me. 
Chinese Five Shen Healing 
This is a very unique and incredibly effective way of healing passed down from my ancestors. More information can be found here, click here: 
Chinese 5 Shen
To those that are committed, after many months working together, I have an exclusive offer that will be offered to you once I feel you're ready. 
Cancellation information
All one on one sessions that are booked in advance, need to be cancelled and rescheduled three days prior to session. Without doing so you lose that session and it is non refundable.
If you have booked a block of sessions and I have not heard from you within a three week period of purchasing, that block of session is paid for within that time frame and is non refundable. Please know, it is your responsibility to let me know of any personal circumstances that arise and to communicate with me so we can come to an agreement.