Romani: white woman, you are not gypsy or bohemian you are a racist.

I'm sick to fuck with the fakery of bullshit 'witches' and uneducated and educated white narcissistic colonisers pretending to be 'woke' taking from my people and culture and monetising from our pain and oppression. 

How many white bullshit witches and also non white (fuck you should know better) are still using the racial slur gypsy thinking it's some bullshit aesthetic of a free loving spirit when in actual fact you are erasing and fetishising Romani people while deluding yourself that you're some free spirit, when you're actually racist as fuck. 

It is not news that gypsy is a racial slur towards Romani people, but there are so many white trash racists dressed up as fake witch, healer, reader that deliberately still uses the word which makes you look exactly what you are- fake racist trash.

Gypsy is a racist slur gadje, it is not for you to use, it is only for Romani people to reclaim.