Shamanic Witchcraft Services 巫婆

The services you can directly purchase are the ones that are requested the most, by all means this is not the only services I offer. There is a full range of services to meet your unique needs, so if what you are searching for you cannot find on the shown services please email me at or contact me via the CONTACT page.

I have 30 years experience in shamanic witchcraft practices and I aim for no less than the results you are seeking and beyond. I work with my spirits and ancestral spirits to give you the results you are seeking and have been trained and practiced in Asian shamanic witchcraft practices that run through my family lineage. This gives my work a strong potency of a long line of practitioners that I am made of. 

My services have always been available to anyone in the world, and I work closely with my clients and keep in regular contact until the working is complete.