" I just want to thank Astara for everything she has done and given me. Truly, this woman is the real deal. If you’re ready, you will not be disappointed but awed at Astara’s style and presence with her clients.
I got more out of, and transformed more in 6 sessions with Astara than I ever did in two and half years of therapy.
And as a queer woman of colour that has struggled with depression and anxiety her whole life, I have finally found someone that cares enough and is really good at what they do and actually for the first time get real support to breathe again.
Fucking thank you for being you xo"
"I started having sessions with Astara last year (2020), and the amount of growth and strength I’ve gained from just a couple of sessions alone, has transformed how I both see myself, and my relationship to others and the world around me. I have a lot more clarity, and am able to speak with intention, and really feel what is right for me, and act on that instead of from a place of woundedness. There is something to be said for the kind of work that Astara does. I feel totally seen and validated by her, and I especially feel like someone understands - that in itself is priceless. I had been searching for a practitioner for several years, with no avail. It seemed like there were no practitioners who really were committed to transformation at the community level. Sure, it’s great to work 1 on 1 with someone, but what I was searching for was someone like me, who was tired of all the fucking mess and bullshit that we have to wade through every single day as marginalised people. Thank goodness I finally found her. Astara came into my life at one of my lowest points ever. I am grateful for Astara’s intervention and for guiding me back onto the path that my ancestors set forth for me to continue. I was so lost and am now being guided home. I cannot recommend Astara enough, for those who are ready to do some really deep, transformational work. This therapeutic relationship has done more for me than the last 4 years of seeing a psychologist, not only because Astara knows her shit, but also because she’s aware of what it is like to move through this world as a minority - that is invaluable to me. I’m not just another number, I’m actually seen and heard and understood. Thank you, Astara!"
"I've been working with Astara for several weeks now on power reclamation. I don't even know how we found each other on social media, but I'm glad we did.
She has a way of really seeing you and for me cutting through the bullshit that's been fed to me, and helping me remember who I am underneath all that.
In over a year of therapy, I never had my trauma and my inherent darkness explained like she can. I've never has anyone confirm and validate that knowing in my body when something is wrong like she has.
I came to her very confused and beaten down and this work is deep, it is real and I have been seen. It is a rare thing for me because I am witch and have had no clear guidance on what that means and how my life will be navigated differently. I am chaos. My magic is chaos. It's a beautiful thing but turned in on itself. it is very damaging. We aren't done yet, but I wanted to express my gratitude to her for the growth I've already made and for agreeing to work with me. I've never felt more grounded, connected to my ancestors, fired up about anti-racism work or accepting of such a deep death phase."
"I was an absolute mess when I began working with Astara, suffering with depression, anxiety & PTSD. 
With her wisdom, guidance and support I began unraveling past traumas & grief and working on regaining myself, my power and my life.
She understands healing like no-one else but you'll find no bullshit, fake fuckery or fluffy platitudes here! 
Astara is as real as it comes, so if you're after sugar coated group hugs & fairy tale happy endings then this isn't for you.
It's raw & confronting work, true healing is a messy business but so very worth it.
I am literally a new woman (although still a work in progress) & I have Astara to thank for that.
She has an incredible, unique gift & her honesty is a breath of fresh air. 
I highly recommend her to all woman genuinely open to learning, committed to sorting their shit and seeking to heal themselves & reclaim their power."
- I.O.


'I've been seeing Astara off and on when it's needed for over 15 years, and I wouldn't go to anyone else. This woman is deep and genuine, she really cares. Her work is phenomenal, clear and her oils madly rock!  I send everyone I know to her. Do yourself a very big favour and just go. You will feel like you've known her forever.'




'I have purchased oils and creams from Astara Lak'ech and have been overwhelmed with how pure and honest her products are.'
Five 🌟 🌟🌟 🌟 🌟'



'I bought some oils from Astara Lak'ech and they were absolutely amazing, so beautiful, I wear them everyday. I will definitely be purchasing again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️'



'This woman speaks truth that is desperately needed in the world.
Astara has been a huge part of my learning and growth since early 2019. She has supported and guided me, shown me what real presence feels like, and what love and kindness in relationship entails, which includes being held accountable, and kicking my ass when I've needed that.
She has shown me how to begin to really know myself, and start creating a life that actually honours the earth, and all the beings who live here, equally: people, animals, plants alike.
If you're interested in finding out more about what she does, check out her work.
Please be aware, her work is inclusive, and she regularly discusses and calls out white privilege, and all types of oppression. So only like her page if you know you are willing to learn and make changes in yourself where change is necessary.' R.B. 



On folk magic conjure and healing oils - 

Baba Yaga oil – 'The power in this oil hit me before I even took the lid off. It took me exactly where I needed to go and continues to every time I use it. I have so much I could say about this oil, but it’s a serious one, you need to be prepared to go where it takes you, I 100% recommend if you need to cut through the crap and get serious about who you are and where you are going.'


Personal Protection Oil – 'I love this oil, its scent brings me joy. When I wear that oil I always seem to have those assertive conversations that can lead to confrontation and always avoid any other time. I feel so much more centred and self-aware. I notice it when it’s not on my body. This oil was the first time I made contact with the page, it was an amazing easy process to order the oil and an interaction that has changed my life quite literally.'



'Undoubtedly the best hex and curse oils I've ever used. I've been going to Astara for years for various services and products and will not go anywhere else.'




'I've been working with Astara for the last 8 months and a bit, healing myself, my roots and we together found my purpose through our sessions which I am now cultivating. This woman has changed my life. I came to her heavily depressed, dubious and hopeless. She says she knows how to work with depression and find another way to manage it, and wow wee I did not expect it to work! After four sessions I felt like a different person and decided to keep going. Astara is gifted like I've never seen before.'




'A couple of years ago I came across Astara’s pages! Astara has assisted and guided me in navigating my ancestral witch life path. Providing an enriching and deep journey that has discovered depths within myself that I feared uncovering. There is no looking back now, this is totally where I’m meant to be. I have personally worn conjured oils that Astara has prepared for me and the results in my dreamscapes and everyday experience’s were immediate. Offering life changing healing and true intuitive guidance. Very highly recommend in all areas of her work, with her highly personalised, practical and deeply loving, (take no shit approach 😉) I’m so ecstatic that our paths crossed!'


'Astara has made some rather compelling healing and hex oils. Black Widow is a favorite. Astara is my "go to" person when i am looking for a new oil to use in workings. Smooth easy transactions. 10/10'


'I was lost in confusion before I found Astara. Through working with her, she helped to show me it was grief. I didn't even know I suffered depression because it was all I knew. Well oppression as she puts it and it was all I knew, yes knew. I'm on my way to opening my first business with her support. I can't put into words how grateful I am Astara, I finally feel like I'm free and doing what I love which I never felt I could.' xxx




'I have been working with Astara for over 18 months.   Astara has taken me to the darkest spaces within and helped me understand and grow and navigate from these spaces.  Since our first conversation I have felt like Astara hears and sees me, even the parts I didn't and the parts that had been oppressed.  I feel so much more able to be me and I no longer have all the fears of doing so.   I have grown from a place of being confused, falling in and out of depressive states, and not trusting my intuition to having trust in; self, my knowing, intuition and living the life I want to live.'


'The witch that is born to heal women and children. I know, she helped heal me and my two children. Sisters, get onto her.' R.C



'I have been a client of Astara's since 2007. I always come back to her as in my experience over the years, she is always on point, down to earth, supportive and doesn't sugar coat things. Her readings have helped me even though sometimes I dismiss something that she said, only to find later down the track that it was true and I should have listened! I use her oils on a daily basis and would definitely recommend them as they are unique to you and not a 'one size fits all' approach. I have been using the money attraction oil for about 3 months or so and I haven't had this much money in my bank account in a long time and it's been effortless. I love Astara's personal approach to everything she does. Highly recommend ❤️'


'You need to be ready to work with Astara. Don't come looking for rainbows & unicorns, this shit is real and it's hard but it's so fucking worth it. Be ready to be pushed & called out on your bullshit but the benefits are real too. I wasn't sure it was possible but I am healing. Now I know I WILL heal.' -M.A. 



'I've used Astara's protection oil and her Bone of the Wild oil. It literally changed my world for the better. Without going into anything too personal, can I encourage as many of you to reach out and just buy what she creates? You are all magic woman.'  xx S.L



'Thanks so much for guiding me over the last few months Astara. I am now so much stronger. I have been able to begin working again. The shift of energy has been amazing. I feel I know myself for the first time in a long time, thanks again.' 


'If you haven't consulted yet for emotional navigation sessions with Astara, do it! It freed so much of me and is so worth it. The release of tension built up from the past, being able to spew your bullshit and to look at it, to have realisations and epiphanies. To be guided to find your truth and power. To feel lightness inside and out. It's an awesome feeling. To know that you're a work in progress. I'm far from finished, but I'm so much further than I have ever been after five sessions.'


'Thank you for all your support and insight this year. I have done so much true healing with your help! All in five sessions. I’m so so much stronger than I have ever been and you have helped me see so much! Old wounds that are mine and old wounds that are not! I’ve never felt clearer...and I would love to do some more work with you next year. My heartfelt gratitude to you.'xxx 


'You are one of the only people I see online who actually gets it....I read every one of your posts because I know the ones that speak to me are here to remind me of something.'


'Your oils blow me the fuck away! I've been using and still using the Protection, Bone of the Wild and Reveal oil. Never used conjured oils before so I didn't know what to expect. Amazing. They have shifted my world and the way I see and live in it! Realisations left, right and centre. Protection oil has helped me hugely with boundary issues. No more issues now! You're gold Astara' xx D.T.



'I stumbled across Astara about a year ago on Facebook. I'm so glad I did. It's a minefield out there with the amount of healers and readers. Such a relief when you find the real thing. I had a reading from her that was succinct and accurate. Astara doesn't pack her punches but at the same time she's very kind. An unusual combination. Her wisdom and depth of understanding of the human condition has greatly assisted me, not just in my readings but in follow-up conversations I've had with her. Her wisdom, honed in the fire of her own understandings, has helped me grow in ways that I may not have even seen that I needed to grow. I've purchased oils from her that have worked for me. I'm a strange person in that I'm very cynical, but at the same time I have a deep mystical, connection to the Earth. My intuition lead me to purchase some oils. I purchased the oil that helped me come out of the cave and get back into the world. It worked! I whole heartedly recommend her readings and products.'