The healing magic of conscious creativity

In short, it's being present when creating, and it is one of the core practices of ancestral witchcraft. A more detailed description is, paying attention to the feelings and emotions felt in the body when opening a space to create, and expressing those feelings using whatever medium you're drawn to. This opens the door towards a clear channel to create with presence, crafting the energy with honesty to match what is being felt, seen and intuitively instructed throughout the creative process trusting however this receiving feels right to be expressed. 

One of our very first sensory responses is touch. It's also one of our first forms of communication, and I want to set up a visual for you and take you back to when you were 18 months or two years old, visualising what it would feel like to put your hands in a colour paint that felt good to you, then smearing it all over a large piece of paper. The feeling, the curiosity, the attention to the task, the certain feelings you would feel from particular colours. 

Now, I want you to visualise yourself in this moment opening a quiet space to paint. You are only to paint with your hands choosing the colours that best represent what feelings and emotions you're feeling in this moment and intuitively move the paint across the page. You are to not paint any pictures, symbols or words. It's just you and colour, and you using colour to express the energy felt in your body. Creating with presence, using our emotions as a doorway to enter the unknown to know. 


Now visualise the same practice but using ochre on cave walls. 


Observe the connection and rawness of the practice. What if you chose to express the wisdom of the people and land you're from, beginning at this very basic step of being present in the body? The power of ancestral liberation and wisdom practiced and received through your art and writing to heal and observe the patterns of intergenerational trauma, shaping and healing the empty space of isolation, pain and abandonment. Does that mean you will never feel the trauma wounds again? No, it simply means you know how to grow with it, love and give it the presence when it needs so you don't react on old patterns. You now know how to create something new standing in the pain and power of it. Real healing.