The Importance of Unthreading White Supremacy

I'll try and make this short and sweet and I'm going to aim this from a healing perspective towards those that are wanting and seeking to reclaim their ancestral power and roots. 

Important because we are born into a system built on white supremacy, a set of  racist beliefs that white people are superior to other races including earth in her entirety, and therefore should dominate. Not only is this a lie, but a toxic belief system that keeps people separated, therefore separated from earth. 

This belief system threads into white privilege, and let me tell you, you're not healing until you can see the ingrained belief system that is oppressing earth. This also adds another layer of toxicity and dissociation to what is already a world so disconnected from earth, lacking compassion and presence in so many areas. 

I see it clearly in communication with too many white europeans and the expectancy of having shit handed to them on a platter and the rage it ignites when it's confronted. I also see the expectation and taking from other cultures but also taking from anyone that many feel they are entitled to feeding the toxic belief that white european colonialists are 'better' and are entitled. As mentioned in my previous piece, it is saturated in the so called spiritual communities. This is what patriarchy does and encourages. It takes away ancestral power and keeps people disconnected from their ancestral roots blindly following what this system is handing over to them. I'm encouraging everyone to look at how this system has affected your health, well being and way of life, heal and decolonise from the inside out. 

This is why I will not work with people that are not committed to unthreading white supremacy. Please do a simple google search to educate yourself further and seriously contemplate and commit to healing for our earth.