Toxic Behaviour, Colonialism & White Privilege in 'Spiritual Communities'

Toxic behaviour, colonialism and white privilege in 'spiritual communities.'

Inverted commas because it's not community if it's not inclusive and safe for everyone.

Here's a clear explanation of what white privilege is: 

I have experienced and witnessed countless times this type of behaviour below, and to make it clear I do not work with anyone that is not willing to unthread white privilege and committed to decolonising. I cannot work with any BIPOC love that still licks arse to white supremacists and racists which only upholds white supremacy, narcissism (white narcissism) and racism. Both of which to ignore, is not healing or reclaiming your ancestral roots. Therefore a person not willing to, cannot claim the love they have for our Mother because colonialism and patriarchy is oppressing, destroying and stripping our earth and our humanity, both are oppressive and feeding a system that continually wants to control and divide humanity. I add this in, only because too many hide behind what is now an image, but through their behaviour is not honest or truthful. That is not witch, shaman, healer, or reader.
Don't approach me believing I am one of those witches that will not hold you accountable for your behaviour. 

White privilege is toxic behaviour. It's a dissociation from reality and from the truth. It is societal privileges that benefits white people over non white people. Inclusive to the belief, is privilege to take from other cultures, and not be held accountable or responsible for the hurt of feeding systematic oppression and institutionalised racism to those that experience it daily. To not listen to marginalised groups or give a shit how this affects and hurts people because you have chosen to believe the brainwashing bullshit that your skin tone is 'better' than others believing in the lie that you are better than the rest of humanity when your behaviour feeds the ongoing violence towards marginalised groups. Madness.
Though it is not our fault of the societal structures we are born into, we are certainly responsible to outgrow and unthread it.

Pack mentality- the pack mentality of those that refuse to unthread white privilege is rampant in spiritual communities. Particularly white communities of supposedly healers, therapists and witches. #covenofkarens
It clearly outlines their guilt, weakness, insecurity, neediness and their dire need to have their ego stroked to keep their denial and shame hidden beneath the masks of arrogance, hate, rage and of no true power. None of which is true connection, just one of need and convenience to suppress their inconsistent image of what witch is not.
This is toxic behaviour.

White privilege is also racist behaviour. Though it may not be intentional to many because they are not aware of what white privilege is, you do know now. It isn't something to be overwhelmed about but find your own individual flow when committing to unthread this behaviour. There are plenty of websites and Facebook/Instagram pages you can learn from and be sure to pay BIPOC for their labour. I do speak about it on both of my Facebook & Instagram pages here:

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It is a responsibility for any healer, reader, witch, shaman, teacher, facilitator to do the work and decolonise to make communities inclusive and safe for all. 

Below, listed in point form, is toxic behaviours found in spiritual communities and also many of them explain the toxic behaviour of white privilege and fragility that I have, and many others have experienced.

-angry/rage and takes no responsibility for that anger consistently blaming others.
-plays victim and turns on the white tears to avoid taking accountability.
-consistently wants and needs attention.
-wants to hurry the healing process or doesn't believe in it perpetuating the same cyclic toxic behaviour in their life. Recreating one drama after another. 
-consistent lying and manipulation.
-expects to be placed on a pedestal. 
-believes nothing is wrong with their behaviour.
-addicted to the glamour of what witch is not. 
- culturally appropriates, not caring about the PSTD response it triggers in First Nations and people of colour, also believes it's their right to take and happy to make money from it.
- pushes boundaries and has no boundaries.
- controlling
- angers/rages when boundaries are placed or confronted with the truth and will retaliate by spreading lies.
- is racist and keeps this hidden behind the mask of witch, shaman, healer, reader. shit posting anti racism memes but doesn't do the inner work.
- hides behind the mask of doing 'good.' This can be from highlighting or donating to animal activism, to sharing posts on minority groups but is superficial hiding racism and/or narcissistic traits.
- the feeding of the stereotypical mask of witch, hides many dysfunctional behaviours therefore not truthfully interested in healing the earth or healing in general.
-believes in the soft and fluffy belief of what healing is not. This hides dysfunctional behaviours and feeds avoidance of the truth.
-doesn't take responsibility for their behaviour.
-white supremacy is narcissistic behaviour.

-is passive aggressive and will use 'spiritual beliefs' to blame others deflecting responsibility. 
-shows only one side of who they are in public or a public forum.
-blames people and people of colour when they anger us over their racist and toxic behaviour. (racism is toxic behaviour. I am only separating both to make a distinction there are other behaviours involved.)
-expects people of colour and anyone else to not be angry or rageful when experiencing or have experienced their toxic and/or racist behaviour. Expects they should not retaliate, and then manipulates blaming the person and calling them 'toxic' yet does not take responsibility or change their own behaviour. Not even the thought of looking at their own behaviour. Again it is another way of deflecting responsibility. 
-will defame the persons character when confronted with the truth, when boundaries are placed, when a person calls them out on their toxic behaviour.
-does not and will not confront white privilege behaviour or acknowledge that it is a problem. 
-gets angry and defensive when challenged on their toxic and racist behaviour (again, racism is a toxic behaviour, I am only separating both to make a distinction there are more behaviours involved.) and culturally appropriating and will continue to push their entitlement by pursuing the selling of these products or practices knowingly the hurt they are causing. Many have come back with racial slurs and behaviour. 
-is rage full when called out using slurs and will use their white privilege and entitlement to continue to pursue using these slurs and purposely sharing it with their audience to show their false domination, lack of personal power and toxicity to hurt those that have called them out. Toxic af. 
As a mixed race person and a person of colour, I will not and do not share my ancestral wisdom with those that choose to behave this way. The glowing whiteness, privilege, racism and lack of inclusiveness in these 'communities' is not spiritual or conscious, it screams colonialism and racism. #decolonise