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Ancestral Healing Navigation - Unearthed & Deep (SELF PACED)

Ancestral Healing Navigation - Unearthed & Deep (SELF PACED)

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This offering is personalised and self paced for you to reclaim and heal your ancestral roots. This is not recommended for beginners.

All emotional navigation leads to this point, reclaiming your power but the thing is most people do not know how to go deep enough to reclaim their knowing, always skirting around the same issue reliving the same pattern over and over again. 

I created this offering for the loves to ready themselves for one on one sessions with me, and for the loves that are advanced enough to work on their own but still have my support if they need to talk anything through.

Offering: As I said, this offering is personalised. We have a phone chat to begin with which is included in the exchange, and the work is created using my mediumship ability, guided by spirit to unlock the areas within your inside world for you to heal and to reclaim your ancestral knowing and power. Work is sent to you every two weeks, which will fill the duration of that time frame. You receive a one hour session via Skype or Facebook messenger once a month to talk through any areas you feel stuck on or have any questions. This is to also connect face to face so I can see how you're managing and for you to have the support to go into this depth. Answers to your work are to be sent back every two weeks which the date will be given in each email. Answers are to be hand written then typed and sent to me and I will explain why that is over our phone chat. I will give feedback and guidance to your answers, and I use your answers to create more inner work from, and this is how we slowly go deeper and deeper at your own unique flow and pace. Work is sent through as self exploration questions explored with journalling and art therapy techniques that is uniquely mine. Tarot work may be included for some clients to strengthen intuition and knowing. 

There is no time extension given to this offering. Once paid in full, your inner work will be sent to you three days after full payment is received. The time of four weeks begins on the day the work is sent, as this offering works on a month to month basis. You must be self motivated and 100% committed as I do not send out any reminders for work to be sent back. You have to know how to hold your own.

You have the option to pay in full or split payment of $110.00 one week and $105.00 the next. Please note, work will not be sent out until payment is paid in full. 

Please email once you have purchased or would like the split payment option at: