Ancestral reading

Ancestral reading

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First thing I want to say is, please don't book for this session unless you have an ongoing healing practice in place. That you are committed to your healing practice and your ancestors. This reading isn't a usual clairvoyant/mediumship reading, though both of these abilities are of course used. To do these readings I have to make changes in my practices to be able to stand in the depth I need to bring this to you. The information that comes up in the reading is for healing purposes, to give you information that is needed for your attention to shine light what needs to bring forth from the hidden for healing purposes for your lineage.

Within these readings generational curses, core wounds will be looked at with more clarity and with curses to see if they can be removed or at the very least give the information you require to begin healing and removing it. Some curses can be removed by a practitioner, and some is the sole responsibility of the family. If I can remove them, I will share what I see and what the process entails. Also within readings, dates and names can be given for you to research or for your knowledge and both the matriarchal and patriarchal lines are looked into separately. 

You will need to purchase BLACK HEMP cord for the readings as I will need two 40cm length cord. One represents your matriarchal line and the other your patriarchal line. I will explain what you need to do as both pieces of cord will need to be sent to me in order for me to do your reading. When the reading is completed, the cord will be sent back to you for you to wear and I will explain the reason for that too 

Readings are usually conducted at night and can be done face to face in person, or sent to you via video for you to keep. The readings can be quite long, so you may receive the matriarchal line first then the following night the patriarchal. 

After you have purchased the reading please send me a message here and we'll get started: or email me at