Chinese Five Shen healing session
Chinese Five Shen healing session

Chinese Five Shen healing session

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One of my absolute favourite ancestral techniques of healing. Chinese Five Shen is unique, precise and every client I have used this way of healing with really is astounded by how precise and how easy it is to incorporate the information given to heal the body, mind and spirit. 

Chinese Five Shen is connected to the spirit and energy to the five major yin organs to assist and balance the qi (energy) for healing to take place. Each organ is connected to a one of the five spirits- water, air, earth, fire and metal. The beauty of this way of healing also connects you to the earth assisting the flow of qi balancing the lack of, or too much 精神 (spirit) that has thrown your body off balance.

This healing is perfect for anyone, whether you have a physical sickness or not, if you're feeling 'not yourself' I can use this way of healing to help restore balance and give you the place to start. 

It's preferable that you book the consultation and the two follow up email consults so I can support and check in on the flow of energy giving you the extra support so you stay focused on your healing progress, but if you would like a single session just click on the drop down menu to purchase. The follow ups are checked in within five days a part and within the check up, I check to see what has changed and any other information that needs to be passed on. 

This way of healing has a strong shamanic essence to it and I use my gift of shamanic tracking for consults. The beauty of this way of healing it doesn't need to be in person and is highly effective.

Sessions are available via Skype or Facebook messenger

Please email me at once purchased.