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Putsi (gathering) Self love, love, reawakening passion, sexuality & creativity.

Putsi (gathering) Self love, love, reawakening passion, sexuality & creativity.

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This is a smaller putsi to wear on or close to the skin. Small enough to fit in your bra or put in your pocket. Absolutely necessary to keep your mobile phone away from witchery product. Putsi's are a Romani way of gathering or taking, in this case we are gathering to you- opening and healing the self to grow self love, drawing love to you, reawakening passion, sexuality and creativity. 

To reawaken passion, creativity, sexuality and to draw more love to you in not just romantic relationships but friendships too, you must put a healing practice in place that feeds your spirit so you are living the love you want, and that's by loving self. This putsi is to get the flow of this moving, a strong magic that works intuitively for you to follow through what you receive to heal and draw this to you. This is one of my favourite putsi's to make. 

Putsi's is a bag with conjured herbs, oils, bones, rocks whatever the practitioner uses to open and draw the energy to you made with the intention of the bag. This can be used for however long you intuitively feel to wear it and when ready, empty the contents at the base of a tree and bury for the full magical work to take place. This is to be hidden and not worn around the neck or to be showy with others. Keep your magic close to you and not speak of it until it comes to fruition. Full instructions come with each putsi. I can also custom make a putsi for whatever purpose you need it for. Just contact me via the contact page to discuss.