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Relationships/love working -one of the most requested workings is to bring a couple back together again. This can be done but a reading is required first and the responsibilities of this must be understood. If I do a reading and it's not something the other person wants, I won't do the working. Though it can be manipulated, I'm not the practitioner to do those types of working. In the near future, it will only create more distress for both people. I would much rather do session work around abandonment issues with the client that is holding onto a strong need to be back with the person. 

Another most requested working is to bring in a partner in. This can be done, but real love will not be brought in with magical work. Real love cannot be manipulated but a partner for casual amount of time can be. As long as you understand both of these as its the most requested. Any other love work can be discussed and a reading is always required first. 

A relationship working can also be used to bring healing between any relationship whether family, friendship or work colleagues. Please email me before booking in the working and a reading is always required before hand so we can discuss what you're unique needs and wants are.