Scorpion Burrowed - Trickster Paste

Scorpion Burrowed - Trickster Paste

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Fuck yeah, trickster paste is my own ancestral product and creation. Potently conjured and can be used anywhere to fuck up that arsehole that has been making your life hell. This is the first of trickster product that is acomin my loves. 

It's created to use anywhere my honeys because laying tricks is one of my absolute fucking favourite things to do, it's me. 

Let me give you a visual, say you have that shitty boss that can't help but be that prick and you have access to his office and know when he's not there. You also know where he parks his car. Trickster paste is to be used by smearing the paste on things you know he's going to touch for the conjure to work. His desk, his chair, his coffee cup, the handle of his car door and it goes on. The more times you use it the more fuck yeah is going to happen. 

Scorpion burrowed is conjured to get into those threads where it hurts the most. Those little pricky things they hate to happen, will and will stay there until it runs its course.