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Tricky, tricky

Tricky, tricky

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Trick work, is to cover the show of what's really happening. It's smearing the person with smoke and mirrors, and getting them to believe one thing when it's really another. It's pulling them into a web of chaos and them not knowing until they get there. Usually with this kind of work the person is some how still active in the clients life but not always. It's a working for those that are really caught in the superficiality and glamour of life, they may have some intuitive ability, but so easy to lure in this way..

Trickery can be coated in so many ways which I prefer to leave off here but happy to discuss if you're needing this service. Remember to book in a 30 minute email reading for purchasing and email me for discussion prior. 

You will receive updates, photos, insight before and during the working always.