Wild Roots

Wild Roots

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Every incense I make is full of visions, why some have more than one purpose. I am shown through what I see, what each mixture is used for and why. 

Uses: ending a relationship that does not uplift your life in any way, allowing yourself to explore the opening of a clean break and have the strength to move forward. For this reason I also encourage you to dress your candle with this mixture with a little conjure oil (I would suggest Baba Yaga folk magic oil) or wear in a bag, putsi or mojo bag. 

One to use when travelling, the kind of travel that has no plans. Trusting your intuition and relishing in the freedom of not knowing.

Also to one to honour your ancestors. One to definitely use through your ancestral exploration.

What you choose to focus on for this incense, is what you will bring in.